What is covered in an inspection report?

While many reporting systems do have diagrams on house components or construction, primarily we need to convey the information about this house that is in front of us right now.

Items such as “how many types are furnaces there are” or “how they go together” are simply unimportant. The information we need to have is:

  1. What efficiency is this furnace?
  2. How old is it?
  3. Is it working?
  4. Are there problems with it now?
  5. Age will affect this, but how likely is it to cause problems in the near future? If it is 23 years old and still working fine, it is still past end of expected life and will definitely be a major expense in the very near future.

When training a new Inspector, I always advise them to find a good reporting system that they feel comfortable with, then tailor it to ensure they cover the items that are particular to this house.


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