Weather… Or not, It will change

Yes, we are in Canada. This is the country where we clean the snow off the windshield in the morning so we can safely navigate the road and then clean the bug splats off the windshield in the afternoon.

And this same weather affects our houses.

Canada is one of the most expensive places to build as well as maintain, in the world, simply because of the extremes in weather that we face.

Every now and again I get told by a client “I want a house that I will not have to do any repairs for the next few years.”

Quite frankly, there is no such thing. What may look good today, may be damaged or affected tomorrow. And sometimes these repairs can be costly.

I have to tell people that as soon as I walk out the door, something may change. I can only comment on what the item looks like during the time I am onsite. I actually looked at one house that a tornado demolished about 2 hours after I left site.

Obviously no maintenance there. 🙂

So now we have moved from the time we need to look at winter damage that needs repaired to items that summer can damage.

Items such as a roof that is older, our extreme days of sun and heat can change the condition of the roof very quickly.

Sometimes it can make a homeowner very upset when I advise that a roof with 30 years shingles on a 15 year old house needs to be reshingled. Or in an attic when I see damaged or missing insulation.

That is what a digital camera is for. I do not make the statement, my camera does. A few camera shots can verify any issues in the particular area.

Or conversely, it can verify that at the time of inspection, everything is as expected.

And here are a few items have have not stood the passing of time and weather.

rotten pressure treated wood

chimney inspector


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