Weather affecting us

Recently we have seen a couple of extreme weather issues that have affected us, not to mention the never ending winter. On June 18, a news item popped up that said all the ice was finally gone off the Great Lakes. A nice reminder of a winter we would rather forget.

Meteorologists are saying we are going to continue to have further extremes in weather patterns, and not to just sit back and enjoy a nice summer. Saskatchewan seems to be a current reminder of this.

Of course this will mean the places we live in will be affected in ways we may not expect. This will definitely make my job more interesting and indications that are starting to show up are that houses may have items such as roofing materials that are aging faster, or be damaged in ways and at times, that are not expected.

I looked at one house recently where the occupants said they had inspected their house themselves a week before. This went well until I showed them a patch of missing shingles on the rear of the house after a storm two days previous.

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Now I have seen it all.   This is the main shut off valve for the water system.  The handle is missing and needs to be replaced.   However look at the electrical ground clamp below the shut off.  This is supposed to be the ground for the entire electrical system.   The water line is PLASTIC!   I am not sure how the electrician expects a plastic pipe to ground this.



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