Weather… Or not, It will change

Yes, we are in Canada. This is the country where we clean the snow off the windshield in the morning so we can safely navigate the road and then clean the bug splats off the windshield in the afternoon. And this same weather affects our houses.

The problem: My basement is flooding!

I received a frantic phone call in regard to a sale that was going south fast. The house was vacant and upon an inspection just prior to closing the purchasers had discovered “water was flooding into the basement”.

Whose fault is it?

Over 5 years ago I joined the Disciplinary and Professional Practices (DPPC) of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. (OAHI). I joined this Committee as I felt this is where I would see the Good, The Bad, and definitely the UGLY. Due to circumstances, I became the Chair of this Committee and have been in this position since.

Weather affecting us

Recently we have seen a couple of extreme weather issues that have affected us, not to mention the never ending winter. On June 18, a news item popped up that said all the ice was finally gone off the Great Lakes. A nice reminder of a winter we would rather forget. Meteorologists are saying we are going to continue to have further extremes in weather patterns, and not to just…