Baby, it is cold outside…..

Many people wonder what the snapping and banging is in the walls and roof areas of a house at the minus 20 or lower temperatures. It is actually expansion or contraction of materials or parts of buildings.

It also happens in the ground when the temperature plummets. When it happens in the ground, you can feel it shake a house if it happens close enough to your house. As roads are kept cleaned off for travel and vehicles pound the frost down into them, they are the most susceptible areas for this phenomenon. Recently in Toronto one car accident happened when a road snapped under a car sending a very surprised driver into a hydro pole and another vehicle.

When you look to see if a truck just ran into your house and the resulting damage you most likely will not find the source of the noise.

Usually when someone is doing routine maintenance during summer months (or whenever) the damage or item failure may show up but will not be able to be connected to the noise you heard last winter.

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